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Enhancement of your investment


Trees are the most valuable and important component of any landscape; their care should not be an afterthought. Our Tree Care division provides the highest level of service to assure the continuing enhancement of your investment for generations to come.

Tree Care Services
Removals/Stump Grinding
Pest and Disease Control
Cabling and Bracing
24 hour Emergency Service

Aerial Rescue Training

The Bemus Tree Care team joined The Hispanic Arborist Association for a day of aerial rescue training. The aerial rescue training was held at an on-site community in Irvine that tested the climber’s ability to climb to and safely lower an injured climber who is unable descend without assistance. The climbers were provided with details of the rescue scenario which included a dummy and the team was required to assess the situation and plan a rescue to lower the dummy to safety. We continually practice safety as it’s our #1 priority. Contact us to assist you with all your tree care needs.