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Did you know your HOA can be rewarded in dollar savings for minimizing water usage?Working with Bemus, we provide a plan that gives your HOA an opportunity to conserve water and put money back in your pocket so you can allocate to other projects, upgrades and enhancements. 

Water Management the Bemus Way

It’s important to assess how much water is used throughout the property and look for ways to improve the system. Our 3 step method ensures water is used in the most conservative manner possible, providing a framework for our crews to keep landscapes looking top-notch and healthy all year round. This is how we work:

  1. Evaluate Efficiency: The first step of responsible water management to evaluate the hardware efficiency. At this stage we inspect and report on system deficiencies such as breaks, leaks and large overspray issues. Then with client approval we repair an order to begin optimization.
  2. Manage Usage: Once the system is fully functioning, we move to managing usage. With client provided water bills we compare ongoing actual usage with the water allocated by the local district. We adjust our programming to be as efficient as possible. In addition to ongoing management we keep an eye on the plant health in order to communicate any improvements that may be needed.
  3. System Improvements: Inefficient irrigation can create unnecessary costs in the form of wasted water, plant decline, asphalt damage, etc. We work with you to provide solutions that allow you to maximize your system. These can include drip conversions, specialized flow/shut off valves, and lower water using plants. Additionally these can be put into a Return on Investment calculation to allow you to make educated decisions.           

It Pays to Save Water

One of the benefits we have here in California is the water rebate program, which helps landscapes use only the water it needs and rewards communities for saving water throughout the year. At Bemus, we are very familiar with the water districts in Southern California and the various programs they offer. We pass these savings onto our clients, so HOAs can use these funds to reinvest back into their community. We’ve had clients save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each month that can then be reinvested into projects that may have been waiting on the back burner. 

What is the Water Savings Incentive Program? (WSIP)

The water savings incentive program (WSIP) is a “pay-for-performance” incentive that provides monetary incentives for saving measured amounts of water. The rate the incentive is paid is up to $0.60/1,000 gallons of water saved. Bemus handles the application process through your HOA’s local district and handles the rebate program from start to finish. 

Any project that saves at least 10,000,000 gallons of water qualifies for WSIP funding. Examples of successful projects include upgrading your existing irrigation systems, landscaping to improve water use efficiency, and contracting for water management services to improve landscape water efficiency. Learn more on how you can save money at SoCal Water Smart. 

Weather Based Irrigation Controllers (WBIC)

There is no easier way to save water and money for your HOA than with a weather based irrigation based irrigation controller (WBIC) They can save you from overwatering your landscape by 10,000+ gallons a year and still ensure optimal plant health. 

Smart irrigation controllers adjust watering to meet the changing needs of the plants throughout the year, unlike a typical watering schedule, which doesn’t take shifting factors into account like seasonality, plant and zone attributes, run times, and flow readings. Bemus partners with Weathermatic, which is the leader in smart water technology. Weathermatic’s controllers use proven irrigation science and cutting edge technology to maximize landscape beauty while saving billions of gallons of water. Customizing your water schedule with WBICs can save 20-50% of water and over $700 on your water bill over its lifetime. Combine this with the WSIP rebate, the savings can really add up.

How would my HOA get started with a Smart controller?

First, your HOA pays for the water controller up front, which is covered by a lifetime warranty. If it breaks or is damaged, don’t worry, it will be replaced at no charge. Our irrigation technicians install the controller and ensure the property is set up correctly and coverage across lawns, planters, flower beds and trees is all accurate. 

All of our irrigation managers and technicians are trained on the Weathermatic system, so if it ever needs to be adjusted, our team can address the situation accordingly. Once the system is installed, your HOA only pays for the monthly service of using the controller. Because of the savings and opportunity for rebate, the new controller pays for itself and gives you extra funds to allocate to other projects in your community. 

Water conservation has been an increasingly important topic in California. Here at Bemus, we believe we can do our part and make a huge impact with the help of our local HOAs and communities in Orange County and San Diego. We view each and every one of our HOA clients as a local partner to help save our state’s water and reward our clients for their conservation efforts. 

Let’s Talk

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