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College Park, a beautiful master planned community located in Chino. General Manager, Erica Tenney gives us her testimonial on her role as a GM and some unique features about the community.

"My typical day starts as I drive into the community. Always keeping an eye out for maintenance issues, whether it is landscape or handyman related. I come in and start my day with emails. I try to return them before anything else, though quite often I am helping a resident or touching base with my team. We all meet at 10:00AM to have a touch base, start our day with some positivity (checking in with our company’s mission statement and positive thoughts) and check in with each staff member to see what they have planned for the day. We each state what we are doing that day and what we might need help with or if we have time to help others with their tasks. I think this sets the day off right, as every staff member knows what everyone else is doing and sets expectations. Throughout the day I walk the facility, check in with residents, work on bids needed, pay bills, and follow up with staff.

My staff motivates me to come to work each day here at College Park. We have such a great team here, while it is still work and a job, the team makes it enjoyable. We all work great together and are up for any task to help each other succeed. The community itself has great residents and I enjoy getting to see them and get to know them each day. I like being onsite where they know my door is open and can speak to me anytime they need to. We get a lot of positivity and appreciation from the residents and that really boosts our pride in what we do.

What I like most about the landscape is the diversity and density of it. Someone recently mentioned when seeing the pool area, that we have so much landscape and it is beautifully done. I appreciate that I can communicate regularly with all levels of Bemus Landscape and I know when I ask for something it gets done. We have a good relationship on all levels and know if there is an issue we will work through and fix it. I have a lot of opinions and knowledge (I am constantly asking questions when I don’t know a plant) when it comes to landscape, which can probably be a bit of a pain to landscapers, but I think it is appreciated and valued here and that makes the relationship better.

My vision for College Park is to ensure it stays a beautiful, family friendly community. I always want my community to feel like they are all family. Get to know their neighbors, enjoy the amenities they pay for. Come to the events we put on, meet new people, feel a sense of belonging. Taking on events this past year, the staff here has put their heart and soul into providing the best for the community and we have received a lot of positive feedback. We will continue to enhance the experience and better the lives of the residents in the community.

College Park has a lot of unique features. One being that our pool area is like an oasis. Most pool areas have a pool and spa and concrete, sometimes bordered by landscape. Ours feels like a tropical oasis as you walk through, I think that was a great design by the builder. The people are also unique. We have a very diverse population. I don’t think there is a single culture not represented in the community. That can sometimes be a challenge, as we want to be able to effectively communicate with everyone, but when you have 5-8 different languages, it can be a struggle. We do our best and continue to build relationships with residents who are willing to help out and help communicate the HOA’s information in different languages."

- Erica Tenney, General Manager, College Park