Why Bemus?

Whether you are an HOA representative, property owner, or a facilities manager we understand that our clients want to maintain and increase property values, pay the proper amount for landscape maintenance and improvements, eliminate complaints, and minimize any potential liability associated with contractor work.

How an expert like Bemus delivers on this promise

Knowledge, expertise, and experience.  Combining these traits with a focus on consistent application of best landscape practices and an eye toward prevention is the best way to address the challenges you face on your property in managing and reducing monthly costs.
Specification / Efficiency
The wrong service specification costs you money.  Over specification leads to inefficient labor deployment.  Under specification leads to costly remediation, especially in your most valuable asset – trees.
The Basic Five
What we do is very simple.  We focus the majority of our efforts on the five things that make the biggest impact:  no weeds; no trash; no dead plants; green grass; and beautiful flowers.  Our decades of experience tell us that 90% of dissatisfaction and complaints can be eliminated by concentrating on these things. 
Inefficient Irrigation Systems
Poorly maintained and antiquated irrigation systems cost you money.  Many properties can save significant amounts of money by retrofitting and upgrading their irrigation systems and practices.
Injuries and accidents, in addition to having a terrible impact on lives, have a tremendous impact on the budget. Safety can be a huge--and often hidden—driver of costs for both the client and the contractor. A focus on reducing injuries and accidents must play a significant role in any responsible management program. Our record in this area is exemplary.

How an expert like Bemus manages your landscape program

Site Management
With Bemus, a dedicated Client Representative is your single point of contact for everything. He or she is charged with looking at the job from the client’s perspective. The Client Representative’s priorities include enhancement recommendations, identification and resolution of issues before they become problems, and regular client communication. Field Supervisors concentrate on schedule, the basic five and safety.
Irrigation Management
Bemus conducts consistent analysis of water usage and costs, along with recommendations for keeping your system current, cost efficient and defect free.
The IQ Program
Quality control must be taken seriously, and at Bemus we don’t just talk about it; we put it in to practice. Our Improve Quality (IQ) Program requires that every job undergo a thorough quarterly inspection by an independent inspector utilizing an objective set of horticultural standards. We are able to quantify the results and measure progress over time. Employees are rewarded for achieving and maintaining levels of excellence.

How we provide our services

Inclusive contract for lower overall monthly cost.
Professional, trained and uniformed crews.
Modern fleet and equipment.